What is Scandinavian style? Part 2 – Fashion

So it’s finally time for my part two of this little series, a bit later than I first planned but sometimes life just gets in the way of things. I did a blog post recently of what I think is the key points when it comes to Scandinavian style within interior and now I thought I would do one regarding fashion as well. I’m no expert in anyway but I’m very interested in clothes and interior design so I guess you just pick up a few things. As with interior design Instagram is a great place to look for inspiration.

Must haves: A few good pair of jeans is essential in any Scandinavian wardrobe. The weather doesn’t allow us to wear dresses and skirts to many months of the year (without leggings) so a jeans are a well investments. And here everyone wears them. It’s helps that they go with everything. Combine that with a lot of basic tops and knits and you’re good to go. Oh and the white shirt is another favorite you will see a lot of.

Colours: I think there a lot of similarities here with the interior design. We like to wear a lot of grey, black, white and dark blue and then mix it up with some fun accessories like a colored bag or shoe. You can not have to many black items in a Scandinavian wardrobe.

What should you aim for? I think the Scandinavian style always is uncomplicated and easy to wear. It’s relaxed but well put together at the same time. Usually people have the same base but then they have some sort of detail that makes them stand out from the crowd. We also like to wear a lot of layers to keep us warm in the cold. Comfort is also a big factor. We normally prefer flat shoes instead of heels.

Difference between countries: of course there are a bit of difference between the different countries just like between personalities. I would say that the Danish are a little more daring than the rest of us for example.

Do you like more scandi inspiration? Follow my Instagram https://www.instagram.com/scandi.lifestyle/


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